Room Rates & Pictures

Some rooms have the option to join. 

Bachelor Suite

Bachelor(ette) Suite

  • $32.00/night*
  • Upper Level
  • Suitable for 1 guest
Standard Suite

Standard Suite

  • $34.00/night*
  • Main Level
  • Windows open 1"
Executive Suite - Main Level

Executive Suite - Main Level

  • $36.00/night*
  • Option to add a private patio for an additional $10.00/night
Executive Suite - Upper Level

Executive Suite - Upper Level

  • $36.00/night*
  • Windows are at floor level
  • Ideal for seniors or shy cats
Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite

  • $39.00/night*
  • Upper level corner suites, scratching post/perch
  • Windows at floor level
  • Ideal for seniors, shy cats and multi-cat families

Emperor Suite

  • $43.00/night*
  • 5' climbing center
  • 2 Windows
  • Option to add a private patio for an additional $10.00/night

* Room rates are based on single occupancy and are in Canadian funds.

Long Term Rates

Discounts for extended stay are as follows:

  • 10% for stays of 21 to 29 nights.
  • 20% for stays of 30 nights or more.

Private Reading/Special Care sessions

$5.00/15 minute session. Options to arrange daily sessions or a set number over the coursw of your kitty's stay.

This extra package is in addition to the special care that we already provide to each guest at Cat Paws Inn. It allows for extra time to be set aside for kitties who require a bit more attention. Private sessions can be tailored to your kitty's needs. Some examples include; brushing, play time, feeding sessions, and more. 

Accommodations For Additional Guests

Additional cats can be added to a reservation at a charge of $14.00/night for the second guest and $10.00/night for any additional cats. Multi-cat rates are only applicable to reservations in which the cats are sharing a Suite.

Private Outdoor Patios

Private outdoor patios are an option with some main level Emperor and Executive Suites. They are an additional charge of $10.00/night.

Administration of Medications

  • Oral and topical medication: $2.00/administration (please note, we do not do injections or hydration therapy)