• At Cat Paws Inn, we give each and every guest tender loving care that is unmatched anywhere! It doesn't matter what size room they are in or how long they stay with us, each and every one is loved in a very special way. The abundant attention we give at Cat Paws Inn is COMPLIMENTARY! We have a team of dedicated cat lovers that pamper our guests every day.
  • Play Time - Our guests have access to over 1100 square feet to roam, climb, relax and just plain have fun! Only guests from the same family will be allowed to mingle in the common area at the same time so no one feels intimidated and everyone stays safe.
  • Outside Patio - All guests have access to a fully enclosed outdoor patio during their play time. While outside, they can enjoy the abundance of wildlife in the greenbelt, as well as our pet chickens who spend their days entertaining the kitties . View the outdoor patios.
  • Long Term Care / Extended Visits - Our guests are welcome to enjoy the facilities at reduced rates. See the "Rates" page for more details.
  • Our facility has been specially designed and built to provide an optimal hygienic atmosphere for our guests. We thoroughly disinfect all litter boxes, litter scoops, bowls, and rooms to maintain the highest level of hygiene possible. Our specialized ventilation system minimizes the likelihood of any airborne pathogens being spread and provides a flow of fresh air 24hrs/day.
  • Tailored Meal Plans - Our guests are required to bring their own food in order to prevent any gastrointestinal upsets, or other problems that a change of diet may cause. We follow the feeding schedule that our guests have at home up to a maximum of 2 feedings per day. Additional feedings can be added in certain cases where it is medically required.
  • Care for Guests with Special Needs - We have 7 room styles to suit a variety of special needs.
  • On-going entertainment, including in-house movies tailored to our guests' interests.

Add-on Services

  • We offer private care sessions for $5.00/session. One of our Cat Cuddlers will read to your cat for 15 minutes per session, or accommodate other special requests for play time, hand feeding, brushing, etc.  Sign up for as many sessions as you like when you make your reservation.
  • The Emperor and Executive Suites have the option of a private outside patio for an additional $10.00/night. *Limited Suites with private patios available.
  • We will administer oral and topical medication only (no injectables) for $2.00/administration of each medication .